The term “fully vaccinated” has been used to describe people two weeks after they received their primary dose of vaccine.  In other words:

  • For Pfizer or Moderna: 2 weeks since a second dose.
  • For Johnson & Johnson: 2 weeks since a single dose.

However, as time passes and booster shots become more important, terminology is being updated. The term “fully vaccinated” is being phased out and being replaced by the description “up to date.”

For example, a person who received a second shot of Pfizer or Moderna by March 2021, but hasn’t received a booster, could be considered fully vaccinated. However, because they have not received a booster they are not up to date on their vaccines.

The term “up to date” is now a better description of a person’s vaccination status.

SOURCE: (Mayo Clinic)

Updated 02/11/2022