As more and more people are vaccinated, the virus will have fewer people to infect, and community transmission will go down. Every person that gets vaccinated brings us one step closer to ending the pandemic.

Not getting vaccinated also puts you at much higher risk of severe COVID-19, which can make you seriously sick for a long period of time or cause lasting damage — even if you’re young and healthy. This is called “Long COVID.” Two locals shared their experience with “long COVID” in an interview with the Star-Advertiser. You can read their story at

There’s also the added convenience of being vaccinated! You may have an easier time getting into clubs and restaurants, movies and concerts without being tested. Air travel is much easier. And you don’t have to quarantine if you’ve been exposed to someone who you later found out was infected with COVID unless you develop symptoms.

SOURCE: (Johns Hopkins) (DOH)

Updated 02/28/2022