Although we’re now in a ‘safer’ time, the pandemic isn’t over yet. And, it’s likely that we’ll see new variants emerge.

If our case count starts to go up dramatically or a new and dangerous variant starts spreading, the indoor mask recommendation and/or other COVID restrictions may return.

So, to help stop that from happening, it’s recommended that we continue to be careful by:

  • Keeping up to date with vaccines and boosters
  • Wearing masks when around people whose vaccine status we don’t know and those who are more at risk like the very young and kūpuna, as well as in crowded spaces like airports, concerts, or sporting events
  • Staying home when we feel unwell, so we don’t spread our germs
  • Getting tested if you have COVID symptoms
  • Washing hands well and frequently

Source: (Yale Medicine) (AARP)

Updated 03/13/2022